The Bar - Yes, Bloody Marys do count as a vegetable!

The 19th Street Diner Bar is one of the best hangouts in all of Glenwood. Open when the restaurant opens, we serve the night shift workers in the am, The hangover victims on the morning after; and the happy hour drinkers after a long day of 9 to 5. A great place to meet friends, celebrate the moments, and watch all of your favorite sports.

We have 5 HD TV's so even if your not a fan of our Colorado Teams, we can find your game! The Diner Bartenders are the best, and they will be happy to serve up some cold beer, hot food, and that special cocktail you're craving; all with some Diner attitude!

. . . Bring it on!

Cold Beer
Spirits on tap


19th Street Diner

1908 Grand Avenue

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601